1. mreid1815

    Clint Eastwood’s Shirt High Plains Drifter

    Hey everyone, i’ve been trying to figure out what this shirt that clint eastwood wears in High Plain’s Drifter is made out of. Any advice on the fabric or anywhere i could find a shirt like this would be fantastic. Thanks for any help offered.
  2. ageowns

    Looking for the style of cowboy hat Marty wore in BTTF III

    I'm going to a dude ranch this summer and wanted to buy a cowboy hat. I will be visiting Western Apparel stores and wanted a hat that closely resembles Marty's hat (as Clint Eastwood) in Back to the Future III For those of you who know your hat styles, what style of hat is this called that I...
  3. R

    Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2) Arthur Morgan Jacket

    Hello all, I have been hunting down Arthur Morgans Gunslinger coat ever since I missed out on the Barking Irons version and was wondering if anyone had any good replicas or suggestions for the coat. I am inquiring with Magnoli to see how much a replica would cost atm and seeing if anyone else...
  4. ageowns

    Old West Time Travelers' Poker Game - BTTF, Bill & Ted, Star Trek:TNG

    I've been spending quarantine setting up elaborate studio photoshoots of my replica props. This latest project is a bit more abstract, its an Old West poker game, as if my favorite old west time travellers came together and sat down to one game. I wanted the composition to be initially eye...
  5. Probably Iconic

    The Mandalorian Poster

    So I just released an Alternate Poster for The Mandalorian and wanted to share it with you guys. It is available for purchase in multiple formats on Society 6 I wanted to emulate the Spaghetti Western posters of the 70s and even drew inspiration from the poster for Pale Rider starring Clint...
  6. mreid1815

    Sundance Kid Corduroy Jacket

    Hi everyone, i’ve been obsessed with this jacket that Robert Redford wears in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (My favourite Film). However i cannot find the fabric it is made of, i’ve looked through hundreds of fabric shop sites and can’t find that type of corduroy. If anyone has any advice...
  7. Marty McFly Clint Eastwood

    Marty McFly Clint Eastwood

    Marty McFly's silly 50's style western cowboy outfit that Doc dresses him up in Back to the Future part 3
  8. Marty' s 50' western hat

    Marty' s 50' western hat

  9. Marty' s 50' western shirt

    Marty' s 50' western shirt

  10. Marty' s 50' western boots

    Marty' s 50' western boots

  11. Marty' s 50' western belt bukle

    Marty' s 50' western belt bukle