1. fallimar

    Steve, from Accounting (don't mention the lycanthropy, it's rude)

    Hey folks. Long time no post! These last years I've been busy firstly finishing my costuming degree and then being railroaded by disabilities and then well... you know what's going on in the world. Been a big ol' creative slump BUT I have managed to work intermittently on a few things. One is...
  2. BlackFeatherCre

    Dr. A. Van Helsing's Monster Hunting Kit

    Introduction: Hi, I am a 25 year old modelmaking student at the University of Bolton and this post will describe the process of one my assigments. The idea behind this project was to take a prop (from either film, television, stage or literary sources) and re-design/ reimagine it for a...
  3. Werewolf


  4. Joker Laugh- Werewolf

    Joker Laugh- Werewolf