1. Aldo The Apache

    Want to Buy Screen accurate/Book Accurate Rorshack Journal

    I don’t really know what options are out there. If somebody could sell me one, or point me in the right direction, that would be appreciated. Thanks, Matthew
  2. G

    Want to Buy Watchmen Sally Jupiter lighter

    hello is there anyone that can make or is selling a sally jupiter lighter i need one.
  3. B

    Watchmen: Edward Blake Cosplay Thread

    Hey everybody, Been lurking for entirely too long, figured I would finally post something. This thread will be a from start to finish build thread of an Edward Blake cosplay, down to the mustache (maybe) accompanied by the M79 grenade launcher, scratch built and the grenades (cast pieces) and...
  4. T

    Want to Buy Comedian from Watchmen Shoulder armor and harness

    Looking to buy a good screen accurate harness and shoulder armor of the Comedian from Watchmen
  5. D

    paprika file for the Comedian's (Watchmen) breast plate armor?

    is there a paprika file out there for the Comedian's (Watchmen) breast plate armor? Anybody made one that included the textured ridges? can anybody recommend materials or possibly a process? There is so much talent here on the RPF I'd love some input. Thanks
  6. joeranger

    Watchmen - no discussion?

    After multiple attempts to watch this all the way through, I finally saw the full directors cut last night. I don't read comics or graphic novels but have enjoyed many of the movie versions. Visually it was awesome. Special effects, costumes, filming, cast...Great Story: interesting, cool...