warehouse 13

  1. Kylash

    Warehouse 13 Farnsworth Device

    This is my replica Farnsworth styled after the season 1-2 versions and built along with everyone in the original research thread 10 years ago. This has an original full brass fly box and authentic found parts. Faceplate is attached with rare earth magnets. I’ll also throw in this custom...
  2. dr_slurpee

    Warehouse 13 Farnsworth Kits - from the original makers for Season 3-5

    We have complete Farnsworth kits for sale that will make a non-functioning hero Farnsworth using all the same batches of parts used to created the hero units used for all of Season 3 to 5. There were 4 hero props created for Season 3-5 to replace the aged original hero props from Season 1 and 2...
  3. TechDante

    Warehouse13 Claudia's tesla pistol

    hi people. its been a while since i last logged onto the forum. so i have decied to finally give some projects a go what ive been putting off for many years,. and teh addition of a resin printer got me wanting to build claudia's tesla derringer from warehouse13. so i found a model of a...
  4. tmax

    Warehouse 13 Tesla (cheap kit) - UPDATE with box

    This was a bit of fun, had this cheap kit kicking around for a while... Not the cleanest kit and definitely far from accurate. The tubes are mine, not part of the kit. I've barely even seen Warehouse 13 so not too fussed on how inaccurate it is. I just like the steampunk look. It's a...
  5. N

    Warehouse 13 Props!

    Ok, so anyone that has seen Warehouse 13 has a lot of "artifacts" and props. This thread is for people to post their favorite props and "artifacts" or ones that they would love to see come to life.
  6. brm

    Warehouse 13 - Artie's bag filled with Warehouse 13 artifacts

    As a present for my daughter's birthday I did some Warehouse 13 artifacts ... 3D printed, laser cut and collected ... Artie's bag, found somewhere ... Ice Flower rocket, made of cardboard, tried to catch the matching look of the rocket ... Isaac Parker's Noose, standard rope ...
  7. J

    Warehouse 12 Shipping Label from Lost and Found

    I actually dressed as Dan Seavey for years before he was featured on Warehouse 13's Lost and Found episode, so I decided to incorporate some nods to the show. Since I already have some barrels I use as props, I decided to recreate the Warehouse 12 shipping labels on the crates he stole. My...
  8. Jake Kassnoff

    Claudia's Tesla-Derringer

    I made a replica of the mini-tesla from Warehouse 13
  9. Jake Kassnoff

    Warehouse 13 Farnsworth Communicator

    I saw this on Warehouse 13 and had to make it!
  10. nathanalaneller

    Warehouse 13 Tesla Props

    I wanted to see if there were any Warehouse 13 Tesla Props. I know there the Tesla Pistol is here & the Tesla Derringer, but their are two Tesla props I haven't found yet. The Grenade & the Rifle. I need help finding info on all these props size & shape. A 3d render would help. I found a picture...
  11. S

    Looking for Warehouse 13 photos

    I've finally decided to get around to working on an Imperceptor Vest, but most of the images I had bookmarked are gone now! This is the best one I've found of the back of the vest, but it's not exactly detailed. Does anyone have a cache of W13 images with a better shot?
  12. RayR

    PLS Help w/ Packing Straw

    OK, I have NO idea where to post this,:unsure so Admin, please help out here. I chose this area because I got props packed in this stuff.I need Packing Straw, Shipping Straw, what ever you call it. I got a small amount in the replica crates that my Warehouse 13 Farnsworth and Tesla came in. I...
  13. RobertMuldoon

    Warehouse 13 Computer Monitor

    I’m planning on building a replica of the monitor from Warehouse 13. I had a search but I couldn’t find any threads on this, has anyone built one before? All I have found so far are these two photos: I also found this shot which looks like the bezel has escaped somewhere: Does anyone...
  14. Adam Fails

    Adam’s Collection! UPDATE: 10 Year Anniversary!

    !!!TENTH ANNIVERSARY UPDATE (WITH MUCH NICER PICTURES) ON PAGE 7!!! Hellooo! I’ve been lurking around on the forum for a while, stalking all the amazing collection show-off threads, and so feel it is time to show off some of the replicas that I have created/made!
  15. Smokiebear


    Ok so I am a huge fan of Warehouse 13, and I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out how to make the black farnsworth that claudia gets. Also the origionals as well, I saw a old post somewhere on here that had that but I'm not sure if the parts are still available. I'd appreciate any...
  16. ricksprops

    Warehouse 13 Props

    WOW. All I can say is how cool this prop is. Kenny Custom Props really knocked this out of the park. What a great piece this is. The craftsmanship is just too much. The level he went to to is something I don't know if I'd go there. I heard from someone who attended Comic Con that they were...
  17. Gordon Gekko

    Farnsworth Discussion

    PLEASE KEEP THIS THREAD TO RESEARCH AND DISCUSSION ONLY!!! THIS THREAD IS NOT FOR THE SALE OF REPLICAS AND PLEASE DO NOT ASK TO BUY A FARNSWORTH IN THIS THREAD!! Brass Case:Wheatley Case U.S. Source for the Wheatley courtesy of Rebel Scum:Wheatley Case Left Knob Code: 10001 Pedal Parts...