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  1. B

    Want to Buy Rick Grimes Shirts

    Hi! im looking for a few shirts Rick Grimes wears in the walking dead and if anyone is willing to sell them. I'm mainly looking for.. The Goodfellow & Co Taupe shirt - size M or L The RRL Mason work shirt - Size M or L The RRL blue plaid - size M or L The Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply...
  2. jholt

    Want to Buy Taurus Studio Black Panther Helmet

    Looking for this helmet. Please DM if you have it and are interested in selling! Thanks!
  3. D

    Want to Buy Michael Myers Costume

    Hello, I was looking to give my 3 year running Michael Myers costume an upgrade and give it the new coveralls from the 2018 movie. Sadly, the Workrite 7 oz charcoal grey coveralls used are discontinuing and they are stopping all production. I’ve spent hours calling many different facilities...
  4. Unit357

    Medieval Grimoire [commission request]

    Hey guys, I need a book made for an Indie feature I am working on. I would really like to find someone who could make the grimoire prop. It doesn’t have to be anything super special, the film is set in 1346. I do need the majority of the pages filled and have certain requirements for the “6th...