1. M

    My Wall-E Build Log

  2. Dangerhawk

    Wall-E Model

    I made this Wall-E model from some children's wood blocks, two broken flashlights and a ton of spray paint!
  3. J

    Want to Buy Life -Size Wall-E

    Hi and happy holiday's to all , I was hoping someone on this site might be able to help me track down a life-size Wall-E robot,( preferably one with electronics RC )built already into the prop ...but I would also be interested in a static Prop if an animatronic one is not for sale ... Thanks...
  4. M

    M-O "Microbe Obliterator, Unit 101" Robot Build Log

    11/2/2016 /long rant/ Ever since the film debuted in 2008 I have wanted a screen accurate, 1:1 scale, animatronic version of the Microbe Obliterator "M-O" from WALL•E. He's the adorable little cleaning robot with an obsessive compulsive directive and he's hands down the cutest robot I've...
  5. PrestonAltr

    1:1 WALL-E

    Hey Everybody! I'm beginning the long but worthwhile process of building a 1:1 scale WALL-E. I'm a member of the WALL-E Builder's Club and will post my updates on this thread over the coming months. For now, I thought I'd show you a draft of my first part: the solar charge port. If any scaling...
  6. hdtheater

    Eve from WALL-E Build

    I have been wanting to do a 3D model with my CNC from pink foam for a while. I thought I would start with a simple model. Eve from WALL-E. Eve does not have many parts, nor are there a lot of complicated lines or grooves to have to figure out. I have not been able to find out how tall she...