walking skirt

  1. alexbailey

    John Hammonds Cane - Jurassic Park - Many Photos

    This is one of my favourite props, I purchased an amber orb/ball for the top of the cane, I considered attempting making one myself however I concluded it wasn't worth it. I'm not planning to attempt a 100% accurate version, for example I don't like the large rubber tip found on the original and...
  2. M

    Dolly Levi Costume

    Hello all! I'm new to the RPF (though I've been on the outskirts of the prop-making community for a while). I am a sewist in the research stage of replicating Barbara Streisand's "Dolly Levi" burgundy gown from the 1969 film, Hello, Dolly (designed by Irene Sharaff). I've been in touch with a...