1. Galifreyscall

    Getting a pure black visor with RIT dye?

    I'm working on finishing a Daft Punk Guy-Man helmet from Moguai props, and I'm at the point of dyeing the visor. I've seen that "black" RIT dye will actually come out a bit brownish-red on visors, but I remember seeing a thread on the late Daft Club forum that had a solution to this by adding an...
  2. PlatinumKnight

    Advice for visor material Darth Revan mask in Canada

    Hi, I have printed a few Revan masks but up until this point I’ve never actually added the visor. I’m located in Toronto Ontario Canada. I don’t want to spend a lot of money and wondering what material might be available that won’t be hit with crazy shipping rates and customs costs. Any...
  3. krispikarim

    Limited Run Space X V2 Helmet

    Hey yall, This is the build thread to the original one I made, Link. Finished helmets can be purchased here, Link.
  4. TMurphyNYC

    White Visor Help

    Does anyone have any ideas for creating a see-through white visor? I have searched the archives, and I haven't really seen anything I can use yet. A 2015 thread got close, but maybe new products are available since then? The visor has a lot of curvature to it, so films may not be an option. I...
  5. TheRealTalon

    Red Hood One way Visor??

    So I'm thinking of making an arkham knight/red hood build, but I need to be able to see through the red hood helmet, which has no eyeholes. Ill be 3d printing the hemet most likely, so I could leave some holes to put some acrylic lenses in or something, but when I paint it, I don't want to be...