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  1. FabiKurz

    V Skyfighter

    Hi everybody! Here I present to you my newest project; A V Skyfighter mini-model from scratch. I know, it would be better if the door were open in the "landing mode". Surely I won't resist and I'll make the necessary changes in the future, meanwhile, enjoy it I hope you like, Regards, FabiKurz.
  2. C

    V - Visitors cap

    Hi, I've been looking for the cap for a costume: Apparently it's a US Navy utility cap. Does anyone know a source for the basic cap? I can provide the logo. For some reason Google shows only japanese...
  3. D

    Want to Buy Two V The Visitors Costumes Wanted

    Looking for two authentic looking (not the red style) V the Visitors costumes.
  4. D

    V The Visitors

    Hello, I plan on attending the upcoming Wizard World comic con in New Orleans and am desperately seeking two V The Visitors costumes. The only ones I've found for sale online are very inaccurate -- red as opposed to the rust color seen in the show. The patches and other details are also off...
  5. Beechy McFly

    V Prop - Visitors Handcuffs..

    Just paid for the Visitor Handcuffs used in V : The Series in the episode The Champion, where Lydia is accused of killing off Charles.. She is cuffed and then can be seen wearing them during her trial.. Once I get them, I'll take better pics and post them, but her is what I'm getting: Here...
  6. TK8541

    "V" - Visitors Wear Red!

    Started a new page on facebook that I'd like to invite you all too. It's an attempt to get ABC to bring back the old red uniforms on the new "V" show! So go join! We can't have a "special" URL until we reach 25 fans... so here's the link for now. Visitors Wear Red - on Facebook
  7. L

    Conman on ebay, again

    In case anyone is watching the ebay auction below, and the other item the seller has for sale-- V Visitor shocktrooper costume and helmet prop on eBay (end time 13-Sep-10 20:25:23 BST) This guy, Andy dimeloe aka lizardface aka Lt alicia, is a conman, well known in the V community for ripping...
  8. O

    v visitors props

    I recently picked up a resin blaster , and am interested in a few more items. Whats around? a couple possibilities hat the sunglasses (impossible to find) toy aliens shuttle I would still love...
  9. SurferGeek

    Screen used V shuttles

    I remeber someone asking about screenused (or screen accurate) shuttles from V. I found these going through my old hard drive. If they belong to someone and you don't want them posted, please PM me.

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