1. guabe

    SW Visions Sith Umbrella

    Ever since SW visions came out, I fell in love with the Sith Umbrella from the Ronin episode. I know its a non sensical weapon but its the cool factor that reeled me in. And so i decided to build my own. Since its in animated form I can take some liberties on some things I considered not...
  2. mechx

    Visions - LOP Lightsaber Hilt (Jawas Junkyard)

    Hi all, Just showing off the not yet anodised LOP hilt from SW Visions. Missing a few details, but it's nearly done! This thing is a piece of beauty.
  3. Jake Kassnoff

    Star Wars Visions Lightsaber

    This is my attempt to translate an animated lightsaber into real life: