1. Space In Vader

    my imperial Probe Droid Viper sideshow in a 360 animation

    just wanted to share this quick and dirty shot clip of my beloved search-engine. Since I am a trooping as a Vader (version ESB) I really like it.
  2. Mpashuk

    Battlestar Galactica TOS viper pilot helmet color scheme

    Anyone know what color is used for the Viper Pilot helmet? It’s a type of creamy sand color and black but need to know which exactly so I can paint my helmet. Thanks Mark
  3. G

    BSG MK1 Viper - First ever build

    Hello everyone. My first post here. I'm starting a Moebius Viper MK1 and I watched too many YouTube videos about it, too the point I want to light it now. I've sorted the cockpit with panels so that they can be lit, but one thing I'm thinking of doing, is lighting the guns. I'm trying to work...