vintage parts

  1. MastahBlastah

    FS: Vintage Weaver K1.5-1 Scope for Han Greedo Killer Blaster

    I'm selling a vintage Weaver K1.5-1 rifle scope for your Han ANH Greedo Killer blaster. This is a great real-parts replacement for the super rare (and quite expensive) Compac scope. The scope magnifies and is in great vintage condition with some nice natural wear, but no unsightly...
  2. MastahBlastah

    FS: Luke ANH Macrobinoculars - Assorted Parts / Vintage Male+Female Mystery Box EIAJ Parts

    I'm selling a smattering of spare parts for a Luke ANH Macrobinocular build. I've listed a price for the lot of the remaining pieces in the auction, but I would also sell them individually for the prices listed below: - Rare Accurate Female EIAJ Port: ($75) Used to create the recently...