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  1. Jake Kassnoff

    Among Us Body

    This is sort of in the spirit of those Halloween lawn decorations but could be useful to anyone making an Among Us fan film:
  2. tubachris85x

    Doom Eternal PS4 Collector's Edition

    Like new PS4 Doom Eternal Collector's Edition set. I only had the helmet out for display purposes but left everything else untouched in the box. This set is 100% complete. Asking $250 + shipping
  3. CleverMax


    I always wanted to be a Borderlands cosplayer! So I decided to turn Mr. Clever into a BL character. I debuted this at NYCC 2019. My first time doing the cel shading, but I'm very happy with how it turned out.
  4. KevlarGorilla

    The Legend of Zelda: Master Sword and Hylian Shield

    Hello all! I'm Dave from Heroic Replicas. I'm taking orders for the next run of Master Sword and Hylian Shield Replicas. Master Sword Features: -Your choice of Heat Treated High Carbon Blade with Cast Bronze Hilt, or -Stainless Steel Blade with Cast Aluminum Hilt, or -Dark Link variant...
  5. MTProps

    My Pokeball and Pokedex build

    Hey everyone, This is a little different then most projects I have seen recently so I thought I'd share my builds. I worked on these two projects from 2 different angles. I wanted to create a Pokeball that looks like it just came from the factory and a Pokedex that looks like it has been used...
  6. spaghettimaker

    A Hat In Time - Time Piece Coffee Table

    New member here. Warmest greetings to all ya peck necks. I wanted to share my build of a Time Piece from the lovely game A Hat In Time by Gears For Breakfast. Thanks to that game I know what the heck people mean when they say something "made them feel like a kid again"... though, to be fair, in...
  7. TSpawn

    Cyberpunk 2077 - NetWatch Badge

    Hello everyone. I figured I'd share my latest project with everyone even though its a pretty small prop. Near the end of the Cyberpunk 2077 deep dive video theres a shot of a NetWatch agent and his badge. I thought it looked cool so I modeled it up in Fusion 360 and printed it on my Elegoo Mars...
  8. squibs

    Cyberpunk 2077 Trauma Team SMG

    Hello been a while, I decided to start working on a new project. This time a weapon from Cyberpunk2077, I am 3d modelling and I will be printing it out I thought this gun looked cool although how it could even function is beyond me. I really only had the side profile to go off of but I...
  9. TheSlavinator

    Dosimeter / Geiger Counter from Metro Exodus

    I just finished my own version of the device used in Metro Exodus. There are some things I wish I could improve upon but honestly this project took too long to complete already.

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