van helsing

  1. Unit357

    Dr. Who/Van Helsing

    Has anyone else noticed that the robot looking henchmen in the Hugh Jackman Van Helsing have the same voice as the Daleks in Dr. Who?
  2. M Constantine

    Van Helsing/Cowboy Android Revolver Build (image heavy)

    This was a replica of the gun used in the Cowboy Android episode of The Aquabats! Super Show! I was working on a costume of the character, and really liked his gun, so a standard revolver just wouldn't do, so I decided to replicate it. My research didn't come up on anything for the gun (I...
  3. Guardian Devil

    Van Helsings Hat - My latest screen used prop

    I've been patiently waiting for a couple of weeks for it to arrive, but it's finally here and I'm very pleased with my newest purchase, so I thought I'd show it off here! It's one of the screen used hats worn by Hugh Jackman in the 2004 movie Van Helsing. I just had to track one of these down...