1. Kiwimaddog

    HL:Alyx Combine Suppressor buildthread[CAD & 3D-print][FINISHED]

    So it's been a while but I though I should document my latest helmet-build here. This time it's the Combine Suppressor aka Overwatch that I decided to make. I've based my build on an extracted mesh from the game and built my helmet around that. I spent maybe 6months on and off working on the...
  2. T

    Portal 2 Portal Gun Build: Seeking Help!

    Hi Everyone, I'm building a PORTAL GUN and I need help I have most of the details down however there is a detail I'm stuck on. In most portal gun replicas there are red LEDs on the front prongs on the gun and I'm unsure on what part of the prong they go on (see pictures) to be more accurate to...