v2 lightsaber

  1. Psab keel

    Star Wars Luke V2 Super Stunt by One Replicas

    This streamlined saber hilt is great for electronics installation and is made of a solid aluminum body with a removable pommel and blade holder. The ergonomic design which is slimmed down from the dimensions of the real prop, is great for choreographed dueling. These are very well made hilts...

    Apollo Industries Prop Gallery

    Greetings Everyone! This thread will be to display my work, including personal projects as well as a few client commissions. Here, i’ll show updates of props in my collection, and props i’m working on. (Please feel free to ask questions or give advice on accuracy, or techniques that are useful!)...
  3. NagorbArt

    Luke V2 lever

    I've been looking for parts that could be possibilities for the V2s long clamp lever. i saw these bicycle seat post quick release clamps and thought they looked similar in functionality and size. These ones don't look like the lever but could be a vintage model of these that dose. Not sure if...
  4. PoopaPapaPalps

    Living "History:" Foundry Cast ANH Kenobi Stunt Hilts (NOW LINEAGE)

    EDIT 8/15/18: Considering I've gone quite deep into the rabbit hole since posting this thread, and learning quite a lot along the way, I'd thought I'd update this but keep the original posts for posterity sake. EDIT 5/15/2020: Go to Post #111 for the latest, and currently best version, stunt...