v2 lightsaber

  1. AstroZopyros

    Star Wars Saber weathering Commissions Now Open!

    My name is Ariston and I do custom saber weathering! I’ve been weathering and making props for 10 years now and I still love every minute of it. (Yes even weeding out Trents V2 stencils!;)) I charge $13 an hour for any weathering or custom prop job. (For an idea, A V2 usually ends up being...
  2. S

    WTB weathered V2 Lightsaber

    Hi does anyone have a weathered V2 lightsaber weathered with trooper trent stencils theyre willing to sell? Interested in Anakin Starkiller, or KR sabers or RPK customs but open for other stuff if it looks good. Thanks!