1. A


    Hello Everyone. So i'm making a Selene costume for an event soon and need to make a prototype of an altered trench coat pattern and want to know what type of fabric I should use to make this. The final coat will be made of leather so I'm not sure if I should get just a medium weight muslin...
  2. RunningBlade

    Blade Runner and Underworld: Weird Observation

    So I recently watched Underworld (I liked it, if you're curious), but I noticed something strange. When Lucian is dying, his right hand starts to seize up and the shot is precisely the same as the one of Roy's hand in Blade Runner. Then, both Lucian and Roy say, "Not yet" and open their hand as...
  3. chris113

    Underworld Cosplay

    Here are my final attempts to create Seline the Deathdealer costume from UnderWorld movie series... And a studio shot It took me 3-4 years to complete the costume. Everything is custom made except for the wig, holster, Beretta 92Fs long barrel replica and lenses. So it's a latex...
  4. TomSpinaDesigns

    Underworld Evolution Selene costume (Kate Beckinsale) display

    Added another display to the site today... This is one of Kate Beckinsale's original costumes from Underworld Evolution. Everything is screen used but the boots. We customized a mannequin for the pose and fit (had to modify the chest/torso for the corset) and also created the castle block...
  5. Cpl Potter

    screen used underworld deathdealer

    so here is my screen used deathdealer costume , i got a great deal on it as far as im concerened , and to top it off it all fits bicep area is a little tight , and pants are leather and look just like thhe outer jacket but arent pictured , the costume is very sturdy and in great shape , someone...
  6. klmscott12

    Underworld: Rise of the Lycans Elder

    Here is my Stunt Elder armor. The shackles on the belt are screen used and the helmet is one of the many that were commissioned by Valentine Armories to a third party in Asia. This one stands next to a wearable Lycan.
  7. TomSpinaDesigns

    Underworld Lycan Original Costume Display

    Underworld Lycan Original Costume Display We've updated www.TomSpinaDesigns.com with pics of another custom Custom Mannequin Movie Prop Display This costume was used in Underworld 3, Rise of the Lycans and our responsibility was to find a means of displaying an otherwise awkward and...