1. helix_3

    Benefits of Hydrocal over portland cement + sand?

    Hydrocal is significantly more expensive than portland cement, and harder to source. Does hydrocal have any additional benefits outside of high strength and fast set time?
  2. helix_3

    Hydrostone/ Hydrocal/ Gypsum cement quick dry technique?

    I'm making a few items out of Hydrostone, and I want them done and dry as quickly as possible. The TDS says, "The maximum temperature at which HYDRO-STONE Gypsum Cement casts are safe from calcination is 120 °F (49 °C).With substantial free water in the cast piece, higher drying temperatures...
  3. J

    Do I need a plaster sealer for casting in an UltraCal 30 mold?

    Hello guys, I want to create an UltraCal 30 mold on an Monsterclay model. After that I want to put silicone in there, but I saw in an YouTube video, that you have to put a sealer (mold soap plaster sealer, the link is below) on the walls in the inside of the plaster-mold before starting filling...