1. Don93

    Limited Run Marvel Loki Metal TVA belt buckle

    Marvel Loki TV series metal belt buckle Solid brass with matte finish TVA logo on front 3.5 inches wide 1.75 inches tall Will fit a 1.5 inch wide belt $42.00 delivered, send paypal to Be sure to include your address. Shipping will be by USPS 1st class mail. Glad to answer...
  2. TVAHunterC83

    TVA Hunter C-83 Loki

    Greetings RPF, I'm Chuck and I put together a TVA Hunter from the Disney+ Series, Loki and is heavily based on B-15's setup. I've been costuming for about three years now and recently learned how to sew, and decided that a hunter would be a simple enough challenge with what soft parts it had...
  3. dannylopuz

    Interest Loki TVA Shirt

    Hi guys! I'm starting an interest run for a small Loki TVA shirt. I was waiting until finding the right fabric for the shirt: A very uncommon shirt design, but definitely one that I'll be making for myself in more than one color! Price looks to be around $95 plus shipping. Let me know...