tv series

  1. Moska

    Scratch built “Jakob” robot, from Amazon series “Tales from the Loop”

    Hello fellow modelers. I present my current project. It's the Jakob robot, from the Amazon series “Tales from the loop”. I started this project in April 2020 and, after almost a year designing and building all the parts, this is the current state of the model. The model has more than 80 points...
  2. H

    The (re)making of an 1/6 1966 Batmobile. (PIC HEAVY WARNING)

    hi, folks.... It has been a while since I last posted here at the RPF. Heck, I don´t even recall when I did it, anyway, but I thought this would be a nice post to get back to the fold, as it were. Just like Kermet, who posted a thread here - 1966 tv Batmobile 1/6th scale - I got the same...