1. Jake Kassnoff

    Bad Batch Wrecker Helmet

  2. Gearhead

    "Traitor's Race: A Han Solo Adventure"- Full fan film build log (Pic Heavy)

    Hey gang! Long time, no speak on the actual forum here, although I've been posting on the official Facebook page. It gives me great pleasure to announce that I, along with many of the most talented people I know, have embarked on the sort of project that every kid who grew up watching Star Wars...
  3. Trooper for SDCC 2012

    Trooper for SDCC 2012

    This is what I made for my wife.... SDCC 2012
  4. Trooper Gal SDCC 2012

    Trooper Gal SDCC 2012

    I made this for my wife / SDCC 2012 Hope you guys like it