1. fleming42

    TRON 1982 Flynn Replica Prop Helmet, Mark II

    Greetings! I am pleased to announce my latest revisiting of the Kevin Flynn replica prop helmet from TRON (1982). My first one was in 2017 for SDCC, and I hand-masked all the lines; very painstaking. I just completed my Mark II using digital airbrush masks I created and cut with a Cricut vinyl...
  2. jholt


    has anybody ordered one of these from this fella? if so, thoughts? from the video demos it looks pretty sweet.
  3. M

    Want to Buy Tron Legacy Motorcycle suit

    Hi RPF I am looking to buy a UD replicas Sam Flynn motorcycle suit I have seen a few secondhand on eBay but none in my size I would probably be a L or XL but I’ll check the measurements if someone has one I am in New Zealand so would need to get it shipped but don’t mind covering the costs...
  4. Shriker1

    Tron Disc Proof Of Concept

    So ive been in a different group on facebook and it never really occured to me to share my Proof of concept of the Tron Legacy Identity Disc. I had this Disc modified with Soulinertia's Disc mod set by another person a long time ago. but when i got my disc back it was warped really bad. in...
  5. Shriker1

    Tron Legacy Identity Disc Revival

    Hi, I'm New Here :3 Recently found the 3D Model of the Identity Disc made by I believe Devlin? Im just wondering if i can use Soul Inertia's Blade and C rings with it or if there are other alternatives for them. I'm tired of using the Original deluxe toys and want something i can rely on. here...
  6. M

    Sam Flynn Suit

    This is my first post on here so correct me if I do anything wrong I have seen a few threads on here about making a Tron suit replica I have been contemplating making one myself and I have the following questions Does anyone have good reference photos of where the lights are positioned in...
  7. fleming42

    Best OG TRON Shoulder Gear on the Grid!

    How to turn the 2 parts of 2 JOFA chest protectors as used in TRON into the most authentic replica prop shoulder gear on the grid. END OF LINE
  8. fleming42

    A Tron-Inspired Christmas

    Greetings Programs, and Merry Christmas to you all! I am proud to bring you my first Tron-inspired Christmas special, featuring my original character, DD, as he pays tribute to Bob Ross and the relaxing vibe inside the computer. Join me at David March Fleming (ddprogram) is creating Tron...
  9. Starbase101

    TRON Sark Should Pads Identification

    Hello, I have been searching and researching and searching and researching, and as yet been unsuccessful at identifying the shoulder pads used for Sark in the original 1982 TRON movie. They have a very unique outline shape and are different than the Jofa pads used for the "good guys" costumes...
  10. xenotoes

    TRON - Rinzler

    Hello, programs! Awesome to meet you all :D I'm Beth; I've been lurking on here regularly for good few weeks now but finally bit the bullet and joined a couple of days ago. I've been costuming on-and-off for about a decade now (mostly Star Wars), but I haven't had time to build anything at all...
  11. Iakona

    Show us your TRON Props Thread

    Hello, Iakona here. This is my first thread. I noticed there wasn't a collective thread specifically for Tron and Tron Legacy props and replicas. To start, here is my collection so far. Show me yours. Some are fan made, some are from Spin Masters, A&R Collectables, and Flynn Lives/42...
  12. therinzler1825

    Tron Legacy: Rinzler Costume

    So I have been working on a really high quality Rinzler costume and I wanted to know what could I use for the body parts? I know they castes using foam latex, but I wanted a little cheaper route, maybe possibly silicone? I'm going to use a morph suit for the under suit and the helmet I made from...
  13. Electronic Lids

    Cool writeup on my Tron / Flynn helmet

    literally stumbled upon this while looking for something else. Very cool :)
  14. zomgjared

    TRON: Legacy User v2.0 [WIP]

    Hello programs! The time has come for me to take my passion for Tron: Legacy to the second level. I previously made a fun build out of neoprene foam (below), but I'm ready to step up my game and go all out. I commissioned some 3D modeling work from the great skylu3Design. It turned out...
  15. Electronic Lids

    Tron 82 - Flynn helmet, fully painted, ready to illuminate!

    I finally developed a painted process for these, and can now officially offer these lids painted, ready to light and pad (should you wish to wear it) This is the original build thread I posted several years ago...
  16. Electronic Lids

    Unlimited Run Tron 82' - Flynn illuminable helmets ETSY

    Etsy store open!
  17. Lindy

    Tron make-up case: caring for and preventative measures

    Not exactly a prop, but I picked up this make-up case that was used for "Tron". I'm seeking advice on what's the best way to store/display it. The wood is rather dried out, the labels on top are only partially secure, and the paint is peeling. In the year I've had it, the hinge has started to...
  18. Jessetattoo

    Tron Uprising Guard

    I was absolutely mesmerized by the guards in uprising and love how that EL-tape/wire looks. honestly a bit pissed off we got no toyline. So i wanted to make one for FanExpo in Vancouver last year. This was my first major attempt at foam, no templates just eyeballed and cut/glued to fit as I...
  19. EvilTron

    My 2014 Tron Legacy "Evil Tron" Suit Build

    I went to my first DragonCon last year (2013) as Batman with the UD Replicas Dark Knight Rises Suit and had a blast! I even got to talk to the UD designer and all around awesome dude David (I know he's on here somewhere... You are awesome and i wish i could get my hands on the tron suits! :D)...
  20. Nopal

    Painting & Lighting a Classic Tron Helmet

    I'm still new to prop replicas and mainly pick projects that require cleanup and paint. I was lucky enough to pick up a great classic TRON helmet from Electronic Lids. I've always wanted to add this helmet to my growing collection and I had some rudimentary ideas of how I would paint and light...
  21. Annisse

    Annisse 2013 Halloween Costume Contest Entry

    My Siren Gem - TRON LEGACY 2010 movie cosplay Started back in 2011 after the movie release and took about 6 months to create my Siren Gem costume creation. From the online photo research, collected as many reference high res photos as I could, reading the movie costume making articles about...
  22. Annisse - Siren Gem TRON LEGACY (movie)

    Annisse - Siren Gem TRON LEGACY (movie)

    There is absolutely NO photo manipulation in my photos here. My costume actually does light up with Flat Lite Tape by
  23. F

    TRON: Legacy LUNACY! Becoming the SuperUser!

    Hi everyone, I'm David, and I'm a huge geek. [Everyone says "Hi David] So I'm a long time lurker/study here at the RPF, and I've learned a lot from all of you! I figured it was time to give something back, in particular because most of the tutorials/threads I see on here are limited to...
  24. TheSonarSuit

    Guy Manuel Random Access Memories Build UPDATE: Now for sale !

    After building both of Daft Punk's helmets last year I learnt an awful lot, they were my first large scale project and with them came a whole array of new techniques and materials I hadn't used before. After looking back on them now after learning all these processes I felt I could do a much...
  25. Tron Costume Reference

    Tron Costume Reference