tron legacy

  1. Sorenzo

    Daft Punk - Thomas Bangalter Build

    Here we go with my Daft Punk's Thomas Bangalter helmet. You may have already seen my other build threads for Guy-Manuel's helmets Guy-Manuel Helmet Build & Guy-Manuel Tron Helmet Build As you can see , I undertook to build 3 Daft Punk helmets. Each was started in Febuary and i'm just about...
  2. Sorenzo

    Daft Punk - Guy Manuel Tron / R.A.M. Build

    So I’m finally getting round to showing you my build. This project started in earlier in the year, but with a tight deadline I didn’t manage to get a thread started, but here it is now, better late than never. As I mentioned in a previous post, I undertook to build 3 Daft Punk helmets. (the...
  3. Sorenzo

    Another Daft Punk build, well 3 actually!!

    So, I’ve been really busy the last few months. I insanely decided to try and build my own Daft Punk helmet having watched the likes of Volpin (damn that guy is so ****ing cool) do such amazing jobs. I’ve been toying with the idea of this build for a few years now, kinda gutted Volpin did it...
  4. MadSparrow869

    Tron Legacy Lightcycle batton sword

    has anyone tried to mod the toy light cycle baton to fit a light sword similar to Quorra from the movie :confused
  5. redx2501

    need rinzler pepakura helmet

    i would like to know if anyone could help me i wish to own a rinzler helmet i was wondering if anyone has the pepakura file for one if so please let me know thank you Redx2501
  6. P

    Tron Legacy Lightcycle Baton

    After looking on the internet trying to find a photo of the Tron Legacy lightcycle baton I was'nt expecting to find it but this looks good enough to put on a stand. Tron Legacy Light Cycle Launch Baton Replica by SpinMaster | Man of Action Figures
  7. kigconker1

    guy manuel de homem christo helmet build

    A while ago I started a build on Thomas Bangalter's helmet when I realized Guy's helmets is much cooler. After finding out these go for around 65,000 I decided to make my own. I just spent spent 8 hours creating, printing, giving up, trying again, finding the exact thing on the internet, and...
  8. Manix

    TrIr0n Man Build - 1st Build (Early Build Stage)

    I've had this idea to build an Iron Man armor based on the Marvel crossover promotion with Tron (this picture) since last November and I'm finally going forward with trying to assemble this myself. I have been looking for someone to commission the armor out of a durable/flexible material like...
  9. R

    Tron Legacy: Sam Flynn motorcycle helmet?

    Looking for the helmet that Sam wears while on the Ducati. Does anyone have any insight as to which brand and model it is?

    TRON/RINZLER armor costume.

    so im new here and ive started on 2 costumes here latley. the 1st is a tron costume (which is pretty much a liitle different than rinzlers armor but white symbols instead of orange) and a clu armor costume. its going to be very simple to make (and i CAN say that because ive already started on...
  11. Jayn

    TRON makeup

    Here's an article about the girls' makeup Make Your Own: Tron Makeup « : Crushable - Crushable gives you the celebrity news, style and scoop on the stuff you care about. One of the things that bugs me about (con etc.) costumers is those that create absolutely perfect costume replicas...
  12. DarthDan95

    Tron: Legacy - Clu Robe

    OK, here we go..:love Ive decided to make the robe that Clu wore during the games, near the beginning of Tron: Legacy. I really wanted to do a Clu costume since he is my favorite character, but his usual armor seemed like quite a task. Here's a sampling of my reference, basically every type...
  13. Z

    TRON: Legacy - Robes

    I have done a great deal of searching/reading on these forums, so I apologize if I somehow missed this and it was answered else where. I think my mind has gone somewhat numb from reading through the 60+ pages of lighting techniques for everyone's costumes. There has been a great deal written...
  14. Kylash

    Tron Legacy: the Other Props

    Alright so there were several cool spoilerish props. Sam's chip at the end. The Tron light up figure, which I believe is based on the Rinzler figure you can buy now, though i cant remember if the lights were white and it would need a new head. As well as the CLU figure that lit up...
  15. Soulinertia

    Unlimited Run Deluxe Tron Disc Retrofit Kits

    *ATTN: PROGRAMS* This is now officially a (UNLTD RUN) For Sale thread for the retrofit kits that fit the deluxe tron disc toy! *UPDATE* OK, HERE IT IS! Finally finished setting up the order page. Below are links to this project's related videos! Full Kit Build Time Lapse Rinzler Discs...
  16. propmaster2000

    TRON toy Deluxe ID Disc. Mod./Enhancements

  17. ArtFunk

    Tron Legacy RINZLER helmet!!!

    I started my new project. The helmet of TRON LEGACY Rinzler, target: to finish it before the movie! It will be tough! First phase, the cardboard model.
  18. torsoboy

    Tron Legacy Deluxe Identity Disc mods?

    So I just picked up my Deluxe identity disc from TRU. Right out of the package, the lights and sounds are fine for kids I imagine, but for us prop builders, it's a bit lacking. 2 lights covering the inner ring, and 6 lights for the outer ring are a little wimpy for my tastes. I'm wondering if...
  19. Soulinertia

    My Tron Legacy Costume Attempt

    This will be the most complicated costume undertaking I've ever attempted. I've been drooling over the costume design of TL ever since I saw the first promo piece at SDCC'08. I'll be using a variety of techniques to create this costume. Many of which I've never tried before, so there will...
  20. Rook 3

    Tron Legacy Costume

    Anyone pre-planning or actively planning how to make a costume from Tron Legacy? We have 6 months until the premier... it would be cool to go all glow suited up. :) Any templates/patterns out there yet? Thanks, Russ