tron legacy

  1. Deric

    Rewatched Tron Legacy (ramble on)

    ****WARNING REALLY LONG RAMBLING RANDOM THOUGHTS ARE BELOW**** ****I AM BY NO MEANS A MOVIE CRITIC, IF YOU CHOOSE TO READ THIS YOU DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK**** I just rewatched Tron Legacy and after seeing it again I must say for the most part they did an awesome job. I know a lot of people...
  2. W

    Kevin Flynn Legacy Costume

    After reviewing this site and others and not finding any Kevin Flynn Tron Legacy costumes, I decided to create my own. This is my first post to this site so I hope some of you like the costume. If anyone is interested, I can post more on how I made each piece. From a high level I used EL Tape...
  3. Fennec

    Daft Punk Guy Manuel Helmet Build (Encore)

    So I decided to tackle on my own Daft Punk Guy Manuel Helmet and mind you this is the second prop I have made, so please bear with me, I know it is not as good as many out there but here we go. So I began with a simple cardboard model like how Volpin began, I made some blueprints of my own...
  4. Eveningarwen

    Castor and Gem Tron Tutorial with step by step photos-PIC HEAVY!!

    I'm starting this thread in the hopes that this will take some of the info in the Tron thread and condense it down a bit. There is still loads of info on there that won't be here but I think that by posting links, photos and describing the stages of the costume from supplies to finished...
  5. D

    FINISHED! Flynn's Hideout from TRON LEGACY

    Here is the mostly finished room with me in my cosplay without the beard Check it out at
  6. A

    TRON costume - Lighting?!

    Hey, I'm working on a Siren costume for halloween. Got a super low budget, so for now it's just going to be something fast, though want to make a 'real' costume when I got the time and money. But does anyone know what I can use for the lighting stripes (or what ever to call them)...
  7. A

    Tron: Legacy Sequel (personal project over the next few years)

    So, I have big plans. Next fall I go to video production college. I'll be learning everything I need to to direct, produce, write, record, act, edit, etc... (Even though I've taken six semesters of classes during my brief stint at high-school...) But, we are allowed to have our own side...
  8. Pirogoeth

    Spider-Man Stealth Suit Jacket

    I've been playing catch-up with The Amazing Spider-Man and just got to the stealth suit: :love:love After fangasmimg over the awesomeness and realizing that even if I could make that suit I wouldn't look good in it, I got an idea to make a jacket based on it. The problem is I have no idea...
  9. ThorOdinson

    Needed Tron Legacy Costume and Accessories Advice

    Hey All, I am new to the scene and have seen alot of amazing talent out there and was hoping to take a crack at it with a Sam Flynn Style suit from Tron Legacy and some of the additionial prop pieces. If anyone has advice for noob I would gladly take it, I know alot of you out there have done...

    Tron costume

    Hey anyone got any tips on making a tron costume, i know about all the el tape but whats the best and best prices for the stuff. and any tips on what i can use for the out shell of the suit. thanks :):cool
  11. Zlurpo

    Sam Flynn Jack-o-Lantern

    This is my first portrait carving of the year. Sam Flynn from Tron Legacy. I've taken a few different types of photos to display it. Here it is lit from the outside. It looks terrible. Parts of the inside look white because there is a piece of paper inside it to diffuse light...
  12. Crimson490

    Tron: Legacy CLU helmet build

    Hi all, i am in the process of building a CLU and Rinzler helmet for my two boys for Halloween (albeit, a little bit late getting started!) I thought i'd share my process, since i couldn't find much here for TRON helmets. The kids love them even now, looking like crap. I can't wait to...
  13. Moto Guzzista

    REVIEW w/ pics!: an honest, unbias review of UD replicas leather Tron motorcycle gear

    Hello everyone! I just found this site (wish I had found it many years ago!), and decided to give my review of the UD Replicas SAM jacket and pant, and the QUORRA jacket from the movie Tron. I will write this from a motorcycle gear standpoint and from a purely costume oriented standpoint...
  14. K

    CLU, Tron: Legacy, original design

    Been watching the forums for a while, and working on an original design for a CLU costume. I wanted to post this up and also to ask if anyone else is dressing up at Dragon*Con this year. Our group is doing Tron costumes on Sunday night in the Marriott and wanted to see when/where other people...
  15. SneakyDerezzer

    Tron: Legacy - Young Flynn (1989) Costume Build

    This is a build I've been working on for some time now. Started around... February 2011. Couldn't have done it without several key people, including SoulInertia (awesome Disc Mod, man I OWE YOU). Anyway, the look I was going for was the young(ish) Kevin Flynn from the flashbacks of Tron...
  16. ADarkly

    screenused film/tv prop+costume convention display photoset

    Meant to post some of these here quite a while ago, and I've gotten the occasional hit from an RPF thread in my Flickr a little intimidated that they might not be useful. But you can never have too much reference, right? This is NOT my personal collection, so maybe the mods will...
  17. S

    TRON Legacy Costume build

    So halloween is creeping up fast and ive 80% decided on a tron inspired build ive been reading a ton on the main costume thread and have seen a lot of good ideas, that things huge tho lol anyways only have a mock up of my helmet idea looking for input on wiring and/or suit building. Im...
  18. glassfox

    Tron: Legacy costume

    okay so i've been wanting to make a tron costume for a while now, i'm looking at Gem from Tron: Legacy. i need a little help though! has anyone attempted a Tron costume? what about the lights in the suits..looks really hard! Also does anyone know where i could get a white disk? i know they're...
  19. docemmettbrown

    Tron: Legacy Costume in progress needing a second set of eyes.

    Hey all. I'm needing someone to tell me if I have the design for Kevin Flynn's symbol on his ID Disk Port correct or not. I think it's close but I'm sure someone out there can tell me if something needs tweaking. This is for a Flynn costume I'll be wearing at Comic Con. It's the white...
  20. E

    Sound Effects

    I don't know if this has been brought up or if its been posted, searched thru 10 pages already and nothing popped up. Has anyone gotten or knows where I could get a good sound effect for the Tron: Legacy Identity Disc? I'm going to be upgrading my stand deluxe identity disc and was going to...
  21. spencenostalgia

    Most Accurate Daft Punk (Tron) Guy Manuel Helmet?

    Hi, I'm relatively new to this forum, I've actually been looking around it for a long time, as a resource for my Guy Manuel Tron Daft Punk helmet. I'm actually planning on making both the Guy helmet, and the Thomas helmet for my girlfriend for this halloween, but my first few attempts at the guy...
  22. T

    tron legacy costume attempt help

    okay so ive been on the tron legacy parent thread for a while now and ive just worked enough posts up to start a thread first off id like to thank everyone on the parent thread that has guided me on different aspect of making a tron legacy outfit i have designs that i will post and i have a...
  23. dragonranger34

    1981 tron costume what's it worth?

    So im always looking for the next awesome item to get my hands on but for the first time today i bought an item that i have no idea what its worth. I came across a tron mask from the first tron movie, (not a prop) its labeled 1981 disney tron productions. it was made in the usa. the...
  24. Knowone251

    Daft Punk Tron

    Here are some finished shots of the EL work I did for a Daft Punk Tron jacket. I did not however make the jacket or the helmet in the picture. Hope you guys like it, I should be posting some more pics on my blog in the next few days.
  25. Sorenzo

    Daft Punk - Thomas Bangalter Build

    Here we go with my Daft Punk's Thomas Bangalter helmet. You may have already seen my other build threads for Guy-Manuel's helmets Guy-Manuel Helmet Build & Guy-Manuel Tron Helmet Build As you can see , I undertook to build 3 Daft Punk helmets. Each was started in Febuary and i'm just about...