tron cosplay

  1. Shriker1

    Tron Disc Proof Of Concept

    So ive been in a different group on facebook and it never really occured to me to share my Proof of concept of the Tron Legacy Identity Disc. I had this Disc modified with Soulinertia's Disc mod set by another person a long time ago. but when i got my disc back it was warped really bad. in...
  2. Shriker1

    Tron Legacy Identity Disc Revival

    Hi, I'm New Here :3 Recently found the 3D Model of the Identity Disc made by I believe Devlin? Im just wondering if i can use Soul Inertia's Blade and C rings with it or if there are other alternatives for them. I'm tired of using the Original deluxe toys and want something i can rely on. here...
  3. M

    Sam Flynn Suit

    This is my first post on here so correct me if I do anything wrong I have seen a few threads on here about making a Tron suit replica I have been contemplating making one myself and I have the following questions Does anyone have good reference photos of where the lights are positioned in...
  4. fleming42

    Best OG TRON Shoulder Gear on the Grid!

    How to turn the 2 parts of 2 JOFA chest protectors as used in TRON into the most authentic replica prop shoulder gear on the grid. END OF LINE
  5. fleming42

    A Tron-Inspired Christmas

    Greetings Programs, and Merry Christmas to you all! I am proud to bring you my first Tron-inspired Christmas special, featuring my original character, DD, as he pays tribute to Bob Ross and the relaxing vibe inside the computer. Join me at David March Fleming (ddprogram) is creating Tron...