trench run

  1. D

    Star Wars Trench Run Diorama

    Hey all, I made this piece last year and completely forgot to share it on the forum, I thought some of you might be interested in seeing it! I set out to make a 1/144 scale diorama of one of my favourite cinematic moments - the Trench Run. I also decided to venture into using LED filaments to...
  2. Jack2155

    3D STL LOW ALTITUDE Death Star tiles with Bandai slots for 1/72 & 1/144 Vehicles

    Now available to print and display! These tiles have been 3d modeled with high attention to detail. One fourth the size of standard Death Star tlies, They are modeled and based on ILM Studio scale models, Bandai Death Star tiles, some personal modifications and various reference photos found...
  3. Jack2155

    3D modeled Low Altitude Death Star Tiles with Bandai slots

    I've been modeling these tiles for a while now, and thought I'd share some wip. I've basically divided the basic tiles by 4 and resized them to the same scale as the Bandai tiles. (3' x 3"), and added the slots and plugs for the vehicle models. The tiles are based off reference photos from...