1. behnt

    Bench mounted foam anvil links to the STL and how to install it

    EVA Foam Cosplay tool! Bench mounted foam anvil. Foam anvils can be amazingly handy in forming your cosplay foam armor. This is far and above my favorite forming tool as it is out of the way but mounted to my workbench. If you do any foam work you need this! Links to the Anvils...
  2. behnt

    Foam Anvil for heat forming. 3D print

    Made a 3d printable Foam Anvil for fabricating. Thought the RPF peeps could use it. Link to the CAD files so you can edit it: Onshape Link to the thingiverse files to print it: Anvil for shaping Foam Armour Cosplay by BenE Enjoy! And let me know of any improvements you would like to see on it.