1. dotails

    Stark A.I.

    I love AI characters, I've a whole cave devoted to full scale replicas of good guy robots, and I believe Tony Stark's AI deserves a place so I've made their memory cards seen in Age of Ultron. I've seen other attempts in the past but I thought I could improove the craft with upscaling to...
  2. Farrells Props

    Stark Medical Scanner - Modelled and Prototyped!!

    I've had this project on my desk for absolute ages. I did the initial CAD design in what seems like a year ago but I think it was sooner. Nonetheless, I digress. attached are the other photos of it. My plan for this prop is to have a simple light strip under the display screen which will be...
  3. Ciara Hagen

    Tony Stark Infinity War Outfit Genderbend

    Tony Stark Infinity War Outfit by Ciara Hagen posted Dec 12, 2018 at 12:46 PM Hello! I will be starting my Tony Stark cosplay once the materials arrive in the mail. I sketched out the outfit and labeled what I needed/already have. Don’t mind my poor drawing skills please haha