tony stark

  1. Danlex9

    Tony stark jugging suit

    If anyone is interested, it’s not 100% movie accurate but it’s close. Tony Stark aka Iron Man jugging suit from beginning of Avengers Infinity War. Ordered a men’s X-large but pants fit more like a men’s medium and jackets closer to a large. From AliExpress Paid $75, asking $50 + shipping...
  2. Danlex9

    Iron Man Mark 15 aka Sneaky foam scratch build

    This Iron man suit is one of the many seen in the final act of Iron man 3. It can be seen trying to catch tony during a fall and breaking up into pieces as he hits everything on his way down. I'm treating this one much the same as I did my mark 41 bones suit build (theres a thread on that one...
  3. ZoiddBergg

    Infinity War Tony Stark Shirt Help

    Hello, I'm back again looking for more help haha, does anyone know where to get an exact copy of the compression shirt worn by RDJ in Infinity war? I found a place that made them but went back the other day and they're gone from their website, It needs to have the side bits of the collar raised...
  4. I

    Avengers Age of Ultron Under Armour still around?

    Hi! Just curious if anyone would happen to have an Iron Man alter ego under armour shirt from Age of Ultron? The limited run of shirts they did for Iron Man, Cap, Widow and Quicksilver. Any size will do. I’ll buy on the spot! Thanks!
  5. ZoiddBergg

    What is the best material to cast an Iron Man suit?

    Hello, I will be getting a 3D printer some point this year, the first project I want to work on is either Iron Man Mark 46 or 85, once the 3D prints are done I will be making silicone molds of them but I don't know what to cast them out of, can anyone give any recommendations? Thank you.
  6. The14thDr

    Wearable LED Arc Reactor [Iron Man]

    The design for this is really simple: an elastic harness which can be worn around the chest, with the arc reactor itself “powered” by a set of LED fairy lights (the elastic is tight enough to keep the reactor firmly in place, but stretchy enough to still allow me to move and breath comfortably.)...
  7. TheMechanic17

    Searching for Iron Man MK42 palms STL file

    Looking for MK 42 palms for gauntlet build. Want to recreate the poster where Tony has the boots and gauntlets on. Or anything close would be absolutely amazing.
  8. Danlex9

    My Iron man MK41 bones build

    Currently making a mark 41 bones cosplay suit from a hand drawn sketch and a pepakura file for the helmet. I mostly post pics and details of my builds on Instagram but I have finally decided to start contributing to the rpf. This suit is being made from 2mm and 6mm craft foam, 3D printed...