tom cruise

  1. Jameel Ur

    Interest Top Gun: Maverick Flight Suit with Patches!

    Hello everyone, New Top Gun movie coming out soon, I'm looking at making screen accurate original/older Maverick Flight Suit with Patches. Who'd be interested in? Edit: Sorry I forgot to mention about the which version suit, I was wondering about original movie flight suit.
  2. Jameel Ur

    Interest Oblivion Tom Cruise Leather Suit!

    Hello friends, Oblivion was our project with Rick Theriault, he asked me about it to develop the sample but we couldn't discuss in detailed. I'm seeing if I found good interest on Tom Cruise jacket or full suit. The pattern looks complicated. Currently I'm finding more details and hopefully...
  3. MattgomeryBurns

    Top Gun 2 Maverick helmet

    New trailer was just released at SDCC 2019. What's new? What's different? Who's tackling this?
  4. ed209

    Interest Edge of Tomorrow - Dog Soldier faceplate skull emblem

    Hi All, A while back, I started working on the Dog Soldier costume from Edge of Tomorrow (AKA: Live, Die, Repeat). I initially planned on cutting out a stencil for the design on the face plate, then figured it'd be easier to just create a vinyl sticker. I cut some foam sheets to make the face...