1. T

    Want to Buy J. Peterman "titanic" replica ashtray

    Hi! I am looking for a "Titanic" silver plated ashtray replica sold by the J. Peterman Company. If you have one and are interested in selling it, please let me know! here is a picture and description of it from the J. Peterman catalogue:
  2. N

    Want to Buy WTB: Titanic Life Jacket Movie Prop 20th Century Fox/J. Peterman

    WANT TO BUY A legit Titanic Life Jacket movie prop issued by 20th Century Fox from the J. Peterman catalog from 1998. Any info as to where I can buy one or any sort of contact info to a dealer or store that has them. Thank you!!! contact: nateallen84@hotmail.com
  3. N

    Titanic Life jacket on EBay

    Hello everyone. New guy here. I have just lost out on a legit Titanic movie prop life jacket on ebay. But I have come across this one right away...
  4. K

    White Star Flag

    Finally finished making a scaled down White Star Flag similar to the ones flown on the RMS TITANIC along with the other White Star ships. I had found dimensions of one of the real flags a few months ago. After looking at the dimensions I figured it would have been way to big to hang in my room...
  5. daniloferro

    Print-quality Rose's drawing (titanic) needed

    Hi guys.. I am trying to find a ready-to-print replica of the famous Rose/heart of the ocean drawing from titanic. I don't know if someone has such a thing, but I really need it to surprise my wife... Can anyone help me??
  6. T

    Titanic Collector - R Sandler?

    Hi Folks... I was just wondering if anyone here might know of a collector called Randy Sandler... I'm trying to get in contact with him and was wondering if anyone could help? Thanks! J