time travel

  1. ageowns

    Old West Time Travelers' Poker Game - BTTF, Bill & Ted, Star Trek:TNG

    I've been spending quarantine setting up elaborate studio photoshoots of my replica props. This latest project is a bit more abstract, its an Old West poker game, as if my favorite old west time travellers came together and sat down to one game. I wanted the composition to be initially eye...
  2. Sandman0077

    Golden Time Travel Sphere from 'Dark' [First Full Print Done; UPDATED 11/AUG/2020]

    I'm back! I feel like I drop in and out far too often. Current project is this awesome piece of gadgetry from the AMAZING Netflix show, "Dark." This is also my first project since going from Rhino to Fusion 360, so it's going fairly slow, but that's okay; I'm learning a ton! HERE is the...
  3. ageowns

    Bill and Ted Billy the Kid poker scene

    I have been collecting replicas of historical decks of cards. Mainly from the Civil War era. In this scene from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, they play poker with Billy the kid. You can see the card back here (in the attached) And here is the brief scene, where you can see the fronts. The...