1. eobard

    Show me your RS TIE (Hero) pilot helmets!

    Hello! I've been mulling --- for quite a while --- which would be my first TIE pilot helmet, and it finally came down to RSpropmasters or SDS / Shepperton. It was close, until I learned that RS came out with the Hero faceplate. The Hero!! Legend has it that it was from an actual ANH TIE...
  2. I

    Heath ledger joker tie accuracy

    For the film the dark knight they used a tie from Turnbull and Asser for joker. But the costume designer lindy hemming stated they dipped it in a dark substance. Anyone know how to or how they did grunge it up? The bright version is the original.
  3. Baruopa

    How Accurate is the Nice-N Tie Fighter?

    Heard a lot of good things about Nice-N models. It's my understanding that they're about as top-of-the-line as it gets in terms of accuracy. I do know, however, that there have been some revisions over the years. Just wondering what all those are and what. If any modifications would need to be...
  4. tykyu

    ANH TIE Does Anyone Know What This Is?

    Recently a good friend of mine sold me an ANH Tie Pilot Helmet he's been keeping in his basement for the last 5 years. He can't remember who sold it to him, but he says it was on the RPF. The Faceplate, he says, is a lineage face plate. I wanted to verify this and get ya'lls take on it.. I trust...
  5. Teckno viking


    Got this a couple of years ago from Abrahams in Mexico. Damn fine piece of work it is too. Plus came with a mini Death Trooper skull helmet (about 1/4 scale?). Anyway, I have seen most go with a Dark Grey Skull face and one added Tusks (bloody awesome idea). I went with White more So as I have...