tie pilot helmet

  1. tykyu

    ANH TIE Does Anyone Know What This Is?

    Recently a good friend of mine sold me an ANH Tie Pilot Helmet he's been keeping in his basement for the last 5 years. He can't remember who sold it to him, but he says it was on the RPF. The Faceplate, he says, is a lineage face plate. I wanted to verify this and get ya'lls take on it.. I trust...
  2. oxixo

    How accurate is RS Props' TIE pilot vs SDS vs CFO?

    They're all cast from original props (correct?), but each have subtle differences (I'm not referring to craftsmanship, etc., just visual accuracy). Some photos of the SDS helmets make the pilot look a little wider than RS and CFO. Whereas the RS helmets, the frown looks a little "toothy,"...