thor cosplay

  1. 6 finger wizard

    Thor: Love and Thunder Costume (WIP) with pdf pattern for chest

    Hey everyone! It's been a while since I've posted anything but I wanted to post this video about what I've been working on, namely the armored Thor costume from TLAT. Here's a link to the pattern I put together for the front of the chest and the bracers...
  2. haasofprops

    Thor's Stormbreaker out of EVA Foam (Love & Thunder & Infinity War)

    I've been wanting to build Stormbreaker since I saw Infinity War, but I just couldn't seem to make room for it in my schedule. I was flipping back and forth between using EVA foam or 3D printing it. So, obviously EVA foam won out, and I figured with the Love & Thunder coming out now would be the...
  3. dannylopuz

    Interest Thor Leather Vest (Thor: Love And Thunder)

    I'm back after a few years of nod doing a run developing the new Thor leather vest! It'll be made out of the highest-quality full-grain leather, with fully functioning pockets. I'm in the latest stages of modeling, making sure the vest has accurate stitch patterns, and sourcing the right brass...
  4. Henry Creations

    I'm making a Thor inspired Lightsaber! Mjolnir + Bifrost

    Hi family! I'm Henry from @henrycreations and I am going to start this discussion for my Thor inspired lightsaber. It is my second original design and I am very proud of it! It all started with a few sketches on my notebook, that I then transfered to photoshop and started messing with ideas...