1. Jaffa007

    3D Funko POP’s astromech’s

    Hi, just some of my recent work. This started because Funko didn’t produce any of the other astromech droids seen in the newer Star Wars films. I wanted an R5-232 & also R5-2JE, being an R5-D4 fan lol. So using the POP I had I used it’s dimensions to model R5. This I created last year and...
  2. behnt

    Flat patterns from 3d files online with free software!

    Making flat patterns for cosplay can be a huge pain. Here is my method that uses free software and online 3D models to get you stared. Did I mention the software is free? Check it out. I have made two videos one TLDW (Too Long Didn't Watch) and one short, check them out! Short version Long...