1. Douglascraig

    Tentatively excited for Rings of Power (and ring prototype)

    Is anyone else cautiously optimistic about the Rings of Power amazon LoTR series? I know its not Weta-level, but the design from some of the promo stuff looks pretty cool to me. I'm excited for some more jewellery replication fodder, anyway. To that end, I mocked up a quick ring from one of the...
  2. JJByers

    The Hobbit / The Lord of the Rings Arms & Armour

    Wow. I haven't been back on the rpf since I started collecting years ago. I hope everyone's doing well with recent events and goings on worldwide. In the absence here I started an overview channel for my Hobbit / LOTR findings so far. And since I've recovered my password I'd thought I'd share...