the thing

  1. Tiki

    John Carpenter's The Thing grenade help!

    I'm trying to recreate the grenades (and hopefully the crate) from the opening scenes of the film, but can't get a good look at the text. I’ve been doing my best to pull text from freeze frames of the film, but there is never a complete view of the text on the grenade crate or the grenade...
  2. Odin82

    The Antarctica map from John Carpenter's "The Thing".

    Just wondering if anyone knows or has identified the chart/map of Antarctica that was used in the film "The Thing", or if anyone could point someone in the right direction in trying to identify it. Would like to find a copy/image for framing. Edit: I think I'm on the right track. Map...
  3. johnnyhungus

    Norris Spider Head from The Thing reference photos

    Sculpting a Norris spider head from The Thing and am in need of some decent reference photos. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.
  4. aceman55

    John Carpenter's " The Thing" Outpost Sign

    I have been working to get a semi screen accurate version of the National Science Institute Station sign from John Carpenter's "The Thing". I was not happy with any of the production signs since they only produce the upper portion of the sign. I had never noticed the Smokey the Bear saying on...
  5. twnhstnut

    Mahoning Drive-In props

    This pat year I was introduced to the Mahoning Drive-In theater in Lehighton PA. It is the only drive in left that exclusively shows 35mm films (although they do have digital capacity for VHS and non film movies). It has the second largest drive in screen in the US. A big part of this...
  6. valkyricarts

    Cable system in a mask, how do?

    Alrighty, hello hello, first post. I'm here for more rather....specialised advice? I have a very ambitious idea for a fursuit project (not something I see is discussed here often but, please keep reading.) where I want the face to open up to reveal a second face. Think, that first moment...
  7. JDunn

    Macready’s Scotch Glass- The Thing

    Trying to find the right glass to display next to to my J&B bottle on my ‘The Thing’ shelf. Any whiskey experts recognize the glass? Or know where I could get something similar? It looks to be fairly generic. But most rocks glasses or lowballs I’ve found on Google don’t have the slight curve...
  8. M

    The Thing (Fantastic 4) Costume plus Rita and Venom for ComicCon

    Here is some images of Ben The Thing from Fantastic 4 Costumer I built last year for the London MCM ComicCon. Plus the Venom and Rita (Power Ranger) costumes done for my kids. Any Comments would be appreciated. Cheers mtingstrom Here is a link to my album with some more image including how...
  9. PieSix

    My R. J. Macready build (The Thing-1982)

    So as it seems half the cast of the film is going to be at Monster Mania, I felt it to be high time to seize this golden opportunity and do a Macready costume, complete with flamethrower, which I will attempt to chronicle in this thread. I have done a bit of research on this costume but still...
  10. F

    The Thing Flamethrower Build

    So my boyfriend decided to go as R.J. MacReady for Spooky Empire as well as Halloween and obviously he needs a flamethrower. I've found build threads to be really helpful in the past so hopefully this will help out someone!! I'm using this video from Knoptop and this thread to help. So far...
  11. Jake Kassnoff

    EVA Foam Flamethrower (From The Thing)

    I made a foam replica of RJ MacReady's Flamethrower from John Carpenter's "The Thing" I filmed the build process and made a tutorial for it. This is good for conventions because it's much lighter than the PVC pipe flamethrower props that other MacReady Cosplayers have made:
  12. H

    Excepted into the 2015 NYCC Eastern Championship Cosplay Contest. WOOT!!!!

    Wasnt sure I would get the invite but just got the email. Very Excited.
  13. CB2001

    My not so accurate flamethrower from John Carpenter's The Thing

    Well, if you've been paying some attention over at the costume forum, you'd know that I'm currently working on a not so screen accurate R.J. MacReady costume. For those unfamiliar with John Carpenter's The Thing, I definitely recommend you check it out. But one of the most important tools used...
  14. M

    Blair Monster from John Carpenters The Thing.

    Hey guys thought you might get a kick out of this. We did a fan film a couple years back almost entirely to give me a reason to build a bunch of creatures from The Thing. There was no way I was going to leave out the big Blair Monster so I just did it. I built a very simple 1 to 1 Blair torso...