the terminator

  1. C

    The Terminator (1984) 1:1 Arnold Schwarzenegger Bust With Light Up Eye

    This is my first time painting a life size, human bust. I'm really happy (and frankly, surprised) with how it came out, so I figured I'd post it here. (Sorry for the picture quality, I took the pictures with my phone and turns out the new iPhone likes to auto sharpen everything) The base...
  2. cavx

    Terminator 2 T-800 Endo Skull Build - WIP - Pic heavy

    I have wanted one of these probably as long as I have the wanted the NIKE MAG shoes from BTTF2. Search hard enough on-line, and you sometimes amaze your self with things that you find. Whilst a bust would be cool, I really don't the space in my cinema for something that big. And I am into 1:1...
  3. 213ardj

    Anti hk bomb terminator 1984

    How do i make this and what do I need?
  4. nick daring

    The Terminator 1984- Kyle Reese Trench Coats, Shoes, and more

    I really love the first Terminator and decided I wanted Kyle Reese's jacket from first half of the movie. With a bit of help from the fine folks of I think I've found it! I'm 100% sure it's a Vietnam era (and post Vietnam!) US Army Men's Raincoat. The biggest "tell" is...
  5. DirtyHarry

    The Terminator Vukovich & Traxler LAPD badges, need help

    hello everybody, so ive spent days on the internet searching for Lance Henriksen & Paul Winfield's (Sgt. E.L. Vukovich & Lt. F.C. Traxler) LAPD ID Badges from The Terminator. so as to no avail i figured i might as well ask some friends of the trade that no the nook and crannys of the prop...
  6. T

    Spanish members, Terminator exhibit in Spain!

    Check it out, YouTube - Terminator Expo Madrid 2011 Not sure where it's at, and if that's it. But I'd love to see more pics ;) Thanks
  7. J

    T-800 Endoskeleton differences

    Hi everyone, I'd like to know... are there any differences between the Sideshow fullsize Endoskeleton and the Stan Winston full size Endoskeleton used in the movies? Thanks! Jarod
  8. Toni Plutonij

    1:1 Terminator Arnold Bust customization project

    I'm presenting you with the latest (and completely unexpected) addition to my collection. This bust (sculpt by fantastic H. Senft) is something I got totally unplanned, it kinda shocked (and I still can't believe I got this piece) me, as this is something I never actually wanted to allow myself...
  9. aliensarchive

    Working Terminator 1 HK Grenade Prop

    YouTube -
  10. kurtweinreich

    Terminator Endoskeleton Costume

    Just letting you guys in on my new little project for our Sci-Fi convention here in Denver. This will be a Terminator costume, but not like others you may have seen such a Arnold look-a-likes and make-up applicatons. This will be an Endoskeleton. No, I will not starve myself and paint myself...