the rocketeer

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  1. M

    Want to Buy Rocketeer Pack

    I am looking to buy a rocketeer jet pack. Either a finished one or a kit to build one. Any Info would be greatly appreciated.
  2. hdtheater

    Bigelow Aeronautical Corp.

    I have been playing with textures lately on my CNC and carved out this Dimensional Bigelow sign from The Rocketeer. The original was painted in the hangar. So pretend, I cut it out of the hangar. Still need to paint it though. -Eric
  3. firespiter

    Rocketeer helm in steel

    I can't take any credit for this except for doling out $$ for it. I have just about every Rocketeer comic there is (except for the Pulp Friction series) and a small wall section of posters. This is a helm I've been wanting in metal for awhile and I asked a fantastic armorer who does really...
  4. firespiter

    Want to Buy Rocketeer helmet smoked lenses

    I'd like to get a replacement set of smoked lenses for a rocketeer helmet. Not sure what else to describe, I have some rough dimensions if it helps. Need price with shipping for a right and left lens to zip 20707, along with approximate turn around. Thank you for considering. -Terry
  5. I

    Rocketeer Helmet Build Thanks & Lens Tip

    Quite a thread title! I'm new here and joined really so I could say thanks! As a life long maker of all sorts of stuff, (these days primarily steampunk) and a big fan of The Rocketeer, I recently got around to building a helmet and I spent a lot of time here browsing the threads and looking and...
  6. Doc Spengler

    My Indy and Rocketeer at Motor City Comic Con

    I had a blast this year at Motor City Comic Con. I wore my Indiana Jones Friday and Sunday and The Rocketeer on Saturday. The reception my Rocketeer got was overwhelming. I wasn't expecting it at all, i almost didn't bring it since the rocket pack i made is very rough and very inaccurate. On...
  7. F

    Women's Rocketeer Jacket

    Hi there! Does anyone have a good source for a women's Rocketeer jacket? Or can you please point me towards another thread? I'm worried about the men's jacket not fitting properly over the ladies. Thanks!
  8. Valor

    Scratch-build of Rocketeer Cirrus X-3 Rocketpack

    I've wanted a Cirrus X-3 for years, but have never been able to swallow the price of the beautiful ACME kit. ... Well, I can't hold out any longer. I'm going to attempt a scratch build. The main booster bodies? Simple. Picked up some 6" PVC. The outer dimension is actually close to 6-5/8" so...
  9. airplnmdls

    3D Rocketeer Models?

    Hi all! Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, but I'm starting to get into 3D printing, and I think I want to finally give making The Rocketeer jetpack and helmet a go! I've been looking around trying to find any 3D models of these items that I can but have not had any luck. :( Does anyone out...
  10. RaiderC

    Rocketeer Reference Photos?

    Does anyone have a source of good reference photos of the helmet from the Rocketeer? I would like to create an accurate 3d model. I have been collecting all the photos I can find on the internet, but I don't know for sure which ones are most accurate. Thanks! RaiderC
  11. ADarkly

    screenused film/tv prop+costume convention display photoset

    Meant to post some of these here quite a while ago, and I've gotten the occasional hit from an RPF thread in my Flickr a little intimidated that they might not be useful. But you can never have too much reference, right? This is NOT my personal collection, so maybe the mods will...
  12. T

    Rocketeer jetpack fan help

    Hello. I was wondering if anyone has a good source for the fan inside the Rocketeer jetpack. I think it's an air compressor fan, roughly 3.5-4 inches in diameter with 10 fan blades. If anyone can help me out, it will be really appreciated! Thanks.
  13. T

    Rocketeer jetpack fan blade

    Hi everybody! I'm brand new to the RPF, and was turned on by a friend who said you all may be able to help me. I've been putting together an as close as possible to accurate Rocketeer costume. I'm having trouble finding the fan blade that is in the Rocketpack behind the top center grating...
  14. dualedge

    Rocketeer helmet: "hood ornament 2.0"

    Wanted to share my latest finished - or rather re-finished - "hood ornament." This Rocketeer helmet is actually an older D48thRonin helmet made of fiberglass that I finished for our own Lonnie (Rocketeer25) and was one of the first I ever worked on... It must have been at least 7+ years ago if...
  15. B

    The Rocketeer - 20th Anniversary Screening in LA

    Hi all, There is a special 20th anniversary screening of The Rocketeer in Los Angeles, next Tuesday June 21st. This is a new print of the film, and many original props will be showcased as part of the event, which is being hosted by the Disney fan club: D-23. Special guests Billy Campbell, Joe...
  16. TomSpinaDesigns

    The Rocketeer - original costume display

    Hey all, Our site's just been updated with another original film costume display. This time, it's the Rocketeer. The film is a favorite of mine and it was an honor to have the opportunity to create a display for such an iconic costume. I've always loved the moment from the film's climax...
  17. J

    Diesel Punk Costume and Guns

    Hey Everyone, This is my first post of my work, thought I'd start with my latest project. I designed and built these props taking inspiration from the rocketeer, boba fett, iron man, issac clarke, big daddys, 1930's streamline, art deco etc. Mainly made out of aluminium, fibreglass and...
  18. T

    Rocketeer Helmet Pepakura Project

    This is a short and current video of my rocketeer pepakura project. started with pepakura, then moved to resining, added plaster of paris bandages inside the helm ( should of used fibreglass, im a *** !! ) then added car body filler on the outside, also known as bondo and thats where im at in...
  19. confusion

    Disney Archives: Tron, Rocketeer, Black Hole and More!

    I was cleaning up my hard drive and thought some of you might enjoy seeing some random shots I took at the Disney Archives. Click on the link for more pics. Disney Archives - a set on Flickr The Cirrus X-3! by Thom-293, on Flickr The Rocketeer costume by Thom-293, on Flickr Rocketeer...
  20. tubachris85x

    Other MGM/Hollywood studios props: 20,000 Leagues, TRON, Surrogates and Star Wars

    Took these pics today as well, figured someone would appreciate them Alongside the Rocketpack, a random Tron (original) helmet piece: Up next, some surrogates props. I never saw the movie, so I don't really know what these were used for...
  21. tubachris85x

    MGM/Hollywood Studios Orlando Rocketeer Props

    Here you guys go, Im not going to link them all in here but you can check out the rest on my photobucket album Here's how my day started Here's what I had to go through just to get to the prop warehouse Location of the props haven't changed, but I tried my best despite having a...
  22. ECBBFan

    Radios used in "The Rocketeer"

    I've been able to identify three of the four console radios that I've counted in "The Rocketeer" DVD: At 18:00 the Lothar character is listening to a 1946 BENDIX 526A. At At 53:55 Cliff and Peevy are listening to a 1941 PHILCO MODEL 41-84T in the attic of the Bulldog Cafe. At At 56:53 Spanish...
  23. JayPHX

    Rocketeer props from 1991 MGM studios

    If I had a Delorean this is the first place I'd go! I took these on a trip to MGM back in 1991. Sorry about the picture quality, I was only 10 and I promise you the camera I was using was worth less than the film in it. There was a museum set up totally separate from the backlot tour in what I...
  24. EvilRocketeer

    My Production/ Screen-used Rocketeer Prop Collection

    After my latest addition to my screen-used/production props…I decided to finally create a thread of the movie props I own from the film the Rocketeer…My first movie prop started with the male companion piece in Neville sinclair’s room which lead to many other props. I got most of my props from...
  25. EvilRocketeer

    Production Made Rocketeer Helmets

    These Helmets are production made from Design Setters aka the crew that fabricated the Rocketeer helmets for the film. These were fabricated during the same time as the hero helmets with the original molds. The helmet on the right has the same paint used on the hero helmets, and it came with the...

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