the rock

  1. T

    The Rock VX Gas Canister Build

    HI there - I'm Will and I've been lurking on the site long enough that I felt I should finally post one of my own builds. My apologies up front if I neglect any standard forum posting conventions. I just completed my VX canister prop from "The Rock" and I wanted to share some photos and info...
  2. Coinprop

    VX Gas injection prop - quick build

    VX Gas injection I got inspired after watching the movie again (The Rock) so I used that and went to the studio. I just thought this prop would be cool to have, so I made a master of the main body and molded it to make it in resin. I made the tip out of aluminum on the lathe, it still needs...
  3. nitrox

    The Rock - VX Gas Build

    I thought I would share with you my current build of a complete VX Gas setup from The Rock. So far it has been a painstaking process finding the exact components to make it as accurate as I can. below is a picture of the screen used gas string:- Here is my effort so far:- I have tried to be...
  4. Compo

    VX gas rounds build update.... still hate soldering

    Only kidding, it’s washing up liquid. going to try the holder so I got to do another four of these, I hate soldering with a passion. Any ideas for a substitute glue I could use?
  5. PHArchivist

    Screen-used VX Sphere - restore or not?

    Age old debate. We've discussed it many a time before... But I recently received a screen-used prop from Propstore that has detiorated over age. I could restore it simply by adding an element back into the main physical structure of the prop, without really altering the current...