the pacific

  1. rozshreds1

    resin pineapple grenades

    first mold I've ever made. been on here watching people do this sorta thing for years and had to give it a shot myself. painted and weathered them a bit with a few various paints and washes of thinned paint. these are all resin including the one with the lever on it. Thanks for looking :)
  2. sprprops

    Saving Private Ryan Props & Wardrobe

    Hello All! My name is Chris and I am new to this forum. I have been collecting props and wardrobe from Saving Private Ryan since the very beginning. And since I started collecting I have become quite an authority (and the only authority) on genuine pieces. On many occasions I have been contacted...
  3. DivineHeresy

    My first screen used costume

    Wow, where to start. Does anyone remember the competition the Propstore did to win either a prop or costume from HBO's The Pacific? Well I entered, not thinking I'd win anything, as you do. I got a call yesterday afternoon from the Propstore informing me that I'd won a full Corpsman...
  4. D

    outfits/props from the Pacific/band of brothers/apocalypse now

    hi, im new to this forum and wanted to display my small but growing collection of screen used stuff, in the first pic is a t shirt worn by James badge Dale as Robert Leckie with a prop M1 also from the production laying on it, the USMC outfit was worn by Jon Seda as John Basilone during the...
  5. B

    HBO's The Pacific: Prinicpal Costumes and Props

    Hi all, The first episode of HBO's The Pacific, Hanks' and Spielberg's follow up to the critically acclaimed Band of Brothers series, premieres tonight (in the US) on HBO. Prop Store is offering an exclusive collection of principal character costumes and props. We launched approximately 80...