the old republic

  1. BlackFeatherCre

    Darth Nihilus mask sculpt feedback!

    Hi Guys, This is my first sculpt of a Nihilus mask. This is the first time I tried sculpting something from a franchise. I would LOVE some constructive criticism. What could I improve? What needs to be better? PS; The plan is to make a mould and cast it. Would anyone be interested in buying a...
  2. dragonwind2000

    Sith Acolyte WIP

    Hello RPF denizens. I've been lurking around for a loooong time and finally decided to register...and to post a WIP thread. I've been making things for years, from a Full-Scale r/c R2-D2 to giant Lego heads to halloween costumes for me and my kids. More lately, I've become a 501st member and...
  3. mechx

    Making of: Orgus Din

    Hello, I've been working to make a full metal version of the Orgus Din saber. It's fairly close to the version seen in the game. But with some realism modifications and design changes to make it install able. Here is a basic story of how it was crafted with progress shots to go with it! First...
  4. alecsanz

    Orgus Din's lightsaber

    Hi I show you today Orgus Din's lightsaber from The Old Republic. More pics here: Orgus Din's lightsaber