the nightmare before christmas

  1. KennyZ

    Zero, the dog from Nightmare Before Christmas

    Years ago I wanted to make a different top for my K-9's (Doctor Who) chassis so I could swap it out and do something different easily. Well, I finally got around to doing that. Meet Zero. Right now the head is one I found at Spirit Halloween. I'm going to sand down the mold lines, cut off the...
  2. shpider

    Full Size Jack Skellington Build Videos

    Hey Folks, Figured I should get off my butt and finally post these here... As I offered to do months ago... My girlfriend and a friend of ours built a life size Jack Skellington... I make the odd contribution... But it's mainly them... These are the build videos... The main body : I did...
  3. A

    Help with skinny jeans for tall guy (Jack Skellington Costume)

    Hi! I'm trying to put a Jack Skellington costume together in like a week, honestly I'm probably going to get the costume for Spirit, but it doesn't come with pants, and I'm tall, 6'8" I already have to order work pants and stuff online, once every like 2 years. But obviously skinny fit pants...
  4. cbcurtis

    Jack Skellington

    Here is a brief overview of a Jack Skellington that I finished up for Christmas. 1. Pepakura buck - filled with resin and foam to make him solid. 2. Apoxie Clay 3. Roughing in. 4. More Progress, trying out Teeth placement. 5. Making the body frame - using spiderhill propworks pvc components...
  5. C

    Jack Skellington Build Need Some Ideas

    hey everyone i want to build a life size Jack Skellington just need some ideas on how to do it on the cheap this is my very first build and my budget is very big and ideas would help alot thanks :D dont want to build the puppet just as a example lol
  6. C

    Jack Skellington Costume Help (Stilts!)

    Was wondering where to post this, but ended up deciding here would be a better place.. Last Halloween I was Jack skellington in his Santa form. But I wasn't very pleased with the head, and with such a big impact last year, I wanted to go again. But in his normal black suit. And If I was to...
  7. mothman

    LOW BUDGET movie rooms can still look AWESOME !!!

    Hi everyone. here is my budget movie room. it started out as a car port. finished off a couple walls built a tiered floor and custom built an aquarium where the window was. the whole thing was just under $2000! all the work i did including about half the props and the front row of seating, and...
  8. TomSpinaDesigns

    Dramatic restoration - Nightmare Before Christmas Cat Puppet

    Often called "Sally's cat", this poor fella came to us without a name! It's an original stop motion puppet from Tim Burton's classic, The Nightmare Before Christmas. The original condition when it arrived in our NY studio was incredibly poor, and the hopeful owner simply asked us to do our...