the mighty thor

  1. StormTheGates

    The Mighty Thor

    Hello everyone, been a bit of a lurker here for a while but I've finally got round to getting something together so I thought I'd post it up. There's not a whole lot of building involved for this, it mostly involves repurposing stuff I already had, or improving upon other props available to buy...
  2. PizzyMan

    The Avengers and I am the Mighty Thor!

    So wont be starting work on it for a little while. But decided to start getting stuff together and figuring out how I am going to be doing everything. I am putting together 3 costumes, perhaps 4 for The Avengers movie coming out in 2012. Thor for myself Iron Man mark 6 Captain America Maybe...
  3. izabel

    Don Robert's Thor

    DR made a Thor suit.
  4. BRRogers

    My Mjolnir build: COMPLETE (pg.2)

    NO longer a screen-cap or reference thread: Timeline: *UPDATE 11/30* Hammer begun for Christmas. Pictures and progress below starting on post #7. *UPDATE 12/08* First layers of bondo/sanding/priming executed. *UPDATE 12/16* Majority of 'body work' completed. *UPDATE 12/20* Text engraving...