the matrix

  1. B

    Matrix Boots

    Can anyone tell me much about these? All I have really been able to find out is that they're Matrix boots that were maybe released in 1999. Maybe that's all there is to know... but if anyone could give me any extra info on them, I'd appreciate it.
  2. Jeff Lonestar

    Want to Buy the Matrix Agent Bug

    Anyone got a spare they want to Donate or Sell? :lol Im currently working on my Custom Matrix Coded PS4 and am going with an Agent Smith theme. So far i got a custom Decal Made: I got a Spoon that looks pretty close to the movie and bent it around the front end: The Spoon fits Perfectly...
  3. TeeKay

    Matrix Neo costume help

    So, I'm about a decade late with this one, but you've got to love the classics, right? :D Anyway, I recently managed to get my hands on one of the long discontinued Abbyshot Lobby coats and have started to put together a Neo costume from the first Matrix film (or the only Matrix film if you...
  4. M

    Interview with Matrix baby animatronics creator

    Hi folks, We had the chance to set up an interview this week with Nick Nicolaou from Meg Effects Group, the company that worked on Matrix baby animatronics. Check it out here : Interview of Nick Nicolaou Seb from Movieobjects