the matrix

  1. D3adrock

    The Matrix Nokia 8110 (with charger) and Pill Box with Blue & Red Pills

    Hi, for sale is a practically brand new, never used Nokia 8110 in the dark gray color originally used in The Matrix. It comes with its original charger (UK) and as far as I can tell it still functions! This is as close as you can get to the original Matrix phone that Neo gets called on. These...
  2. Scapey

    Unlimited Run Cold-cast aluminium Head-jacks from The Matrix

    3D modelled, moulded, and cast by myself. Light enough to attach with boob-tape :) ( Although spirit gum works better! ) £20 + P&P, will ship worldwide.
  3. Dingo80

    1999 Matrix tracker bug

    Hello all, I decided I wanted some of the tracker bugs from The Matrix. Here is the final model 3D printed, assembled, and painted with working LED. The top presses in similar to how Smith presses it to turn it on. The body and cap are resin, the wires are all aluminum (though I may swap out...
  4. Jake Kassnoff

    Matrix Neck Port

  5. Dingo80

    The Matrix pills (red/blue)

    Hello everyone! With tidbits of The Matrix 4 popping up everywhere, I decided to add a set of the pills to my collection between paint drying sessions on other projects. After doing some research and searching around, I found a few good options, however, during my research of the scene...
  6. B

    Matrix Boots

    Can anyone tell me much about these? All I have really been able to find out is that they're Matrix boots that were maybe released in 1999. Maybe that's all there is to know... but if anyone could give me any extra info on them, I'd appreciate it.
  7. TeeKay

    Matrix Neo costume help

    So, I'm about a decade late with this one, but you've got to love the classics, right? :D Anyway, I recently managed to get my hands on one of the long discontinued Abbyshot Lobby coats and have started to put together a Neo costume from the first Matrix film (or the only Matrix film if you...
  8. M

    Interview with Matrix baby animatronics creator

    Hi folks, We had the chance to set up an interview this week with Nick Nicolaou from Meg Effects Group, the company that worked on Matrix baby animatronics. Check it out here : Interview of Nick Nicolaou Seb from Movieobjects