the mask

  1. agliarept

    Movie Pins

    Hi all, I make movie themed pins and thought I'd offer them here, discounted of course, for those interested. You can check out my designs at but please message me here if interested. They're all 3" to 3.5" tall, some have glitter and have uv glowing paint (Hellboy, Orion...
  2. B

    Cuban Pete Jim Carrey The Mask costume

    Here's my Cuban Pete Jim Carrey The Mask replica build! Step by step.... First thing I had made was a one off custom blue satin rhumba shirt. It was made by Faden Design Studios. Here's the details on the shirt. Blue satin with pearl snaps. Red trim on the sleeves. I made the sleeves 14"...
  3. G

    Want to Buy Looking for someone to commission me a bust of "the mask" starring jim carey $$$

    Jim Carey THE MASK BUST I want a custom made bust of Jim Carey as The Mask. I want the bust to look like the 2nd picture in terms of build. (yellow jacket/shoulders/) But with NO hat, and I want the face to look like pics 1 & 3.
  4. B

    "The Mask" (Jim Carrey) prosthetic makeup

    Hello everyone. It has been a very long time since I posted something on here. Lot of things has changed, including the fact that I decided to leave my job to spend all my time in sculpting and Fx makeups. So, this is the result of a commission by a guy who wanted to be Jim Carrey from "The...
  5. N

    The Mask Movie - Display (Help needed)

    I am preparing to build a display for the 'Mask' from the Jim Carrey movie, but am having trouble finding any information on the nautical inspired pajamas he is wearing. I thought this would make a cool background for the display. Does anyone know what the pattern is called or have a tileable...
  6. MaXer

    Shoe help: cuban heel AND stickout sole

    Alright, so I've been looking and googling for these for a while now. It doesn't help that I don't know what that type of sole is called, so any help is appreciated. Does anyone in here know where I can find black dress shoes with cuban heel AND that type of sole? Everything I find has only one...
  7. B

    Jim Carrey The Mask costume updates!!!

    This is my second thread to my costume. Just thought I would share some new pics!! I should get the hat within a month.
  8. MaXer

    My The Mask outfit (Jim Carrey)

    This is my first thread in here. It's a long one, hope it's okay. It's been a long, bumpy ride. Well, this is the story all about how my outfit got made. It's been 4 years in the making, very on and off, so there's a lot of foot work and trial and error here. Back then it couldn't just be...
  9. B

    The Mask Jim Carrey costume build. (Custom silicone mask)

    Im having a custom silicone mask made by Andrew Freeman for my costume. This mask will not be produced, its a one of a kind. Here is pics of the sculpture before it gets molded. Update pics as soon as I get it. FOLLOW THIS COSTUME BUILD FOR TONS OF PHOTOS AND VIDEO ON FACEBOOK AT THE GROUP I...
  10. F

    Loki mask prop

    Hey guys, i've got a loki mask that needs a new paint job, but i do not know what substance to use to remove a pretty thick layer of clear mate coating and the paint from it without damaging the prop itself. I do not remember what brand of coating i used. Any suggestions?
  11. IpkissMask

    The Mask Props anyone??

    Hi, Just wandering if anyone has any SCREEN-USED props from 'The Mask' with Jim Carrey? I for one would love to see some screen used ones that any of you own, so please show them off here!! :eek