the mask 1994

  1. Peter17647

    The Mask 1:1 Hero cast

    Price is $300 for one Mask this is casted using a last pull hero cast from the mold used by global effects that makes this a first gen hero. This mask comes with a crest but the crest is removable just like a true screen used copy. The paint finish is done to reflect the mask from the original...
  2. R

    Tina Carlyle's Gold Heels from "The Mask"

    Im wondering if anybody knows the brand of heels that Cameron Diaz is wearing in those dance scenes during the Coco Bongo. Hoping to make dress for my sister and having trouble identifying the brand. Heard they were a pair of Sasha Gold Pumps but not too sure.
  3. Peter17647

    The Mask 1994 - Revenge of the Mask replicas

    These are all the replicas that I created for the Short Film’s revenge of The Mask and ride of the mask .. and crew gifts I’ve given out to cast and crew for the last 3 years.