the lost boys

  1. featherwhite

    Lost Boys Cosplay (Marko) Advice needed!

    Hey! I got an account here just to ask if anyone is aware of a good seller for or just a place to buy a replica of Marko's jacket from the Lost Boys?? I've been looking around and haven't come across much on my own. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  2. starbxrner

    Lost Boys Cosplay [help/advice needed!]

    ~Hi guys, I'm looking to cosplay both David and Marko next year to my local comic con. With David - I'm pretty confident in sorting his costume out as it's pretty simple (although finding the correct overcoat is proving to be a challenge!), but I honestly have no idea where to even start with...
  3. Annisse

    The Lost Boys 1987 movie

    Inviting you to come check out our "The Lost Boys" 1987 movie cosplay group. Debuted at the San Diego Comic Con International 2013. WHAT FUN IT WAS! :D Click here to see our: The Lost Boys - Comic Con San Diego 2013 album
  4. Propazoid

    New Screen Used Prop: THE LOST BOYS!

    Ok first off, let me start by saying I have been trying to track down a prop from THE LOST BOYS for years. It's one of my all time fav movies & this is easily one of my favorite props I own now. What do you think... -Zoid