the incredible hulk

  1. J

    Pensacon 2018

    Hey everyone, I'm fairly new to the RPF. I'm a videographer and cosplayer myself. I went to Pensacon 2018 and saw amazing cosplay and it was truly inspirational! My Youtube Channel is dedicated to spreading the love for conventions and cosplaying! Check out my latest Cosplay Showcase and Music...
  2. KJC

    MCU HULK - Mask and Possibly Full Costume

    I have started working on a Hulk commission. The client has commissioned the mask with the agreement that if he is happy with the mask, he will proceed with the full suit build. I am going for as realistic as possible. I will be using realistic hair for both the top of the head and eyebrows, as...
  3. C

    Cormac's Hulk Build 2015

    Hi there, First time poster here. I've had some experience building costumes before but nothing on this scale. I'm currently working on a hulk costume. I'm using similar techniques to Biopredator in his 2012 build (see...
  4. blickfangQ2

    blickfangQ2 - 3D Ultron Prime Helmet - Avengers 2 - AOU

    Hi everybody,after a long time, I'm starting a new 3D project :):thumbsup I really liked Ultron in the new Avengers movie, so I decided to build the helmet in 3D. Since Ultron's final form has a lot of detail in his face, it won't be easy and it will take some time to finish this. There is no...
  5. B

    Cool Prop I wish to share

    Stark Industries Marvel Studios Incredible Hulk Screen Used RPG (Abomination Final Battle Scene) so i've been viewing this forum for quite some time and decided to join. i love this forum and all that everyone has to offer. it is very intuitive. Essentially i endure creating a set or Iron...